Round of introductions

Hey, community!

In this topic, I’d love to give a short round of introductions. Feel free to introduce yourself as an answer to this post.

Starting with myself, I’m Johannes, one of the co-founders of Kern AI. I’m a data engineer and scientist by heart, and I love talking about software and developer tools for hours. My first AI touch point was style transfer roughly six years ago, and I fell in love with the techniques behind it immediately. Before founding Kern AI, I worked as an AI consultant together with my dear co-founder @WeHenrik.

On another note, I absolutely love some good food, and the best, of course, is some delicious pizza:

And yes, if possible, I like to use scissors to cut my pizza. Nothing strange about that :sweat_smile:

Excited to hear more about the people from the community! Cheers :v:


Hello guys :wave:
my name is Leo and I am a Data Scientist & working student at Kern! For me, the wonder of Data Science and AI is that it allows you to see the world from a different perspective. The first touchpoint I had with AI was in an amazing class at my university. Scince then I knew that I wanted to work with data and AI! I am super happy to be able to support Kern in their vision to make the world of data easier, faster and more fun to use.

In my spare time I like to hit the gym or enjoy good food with friends. And I also have a deep, affectionate love for high quality tea. :teapot:


Hey Hey people,
My name is Anton, I am part of the Kern sales and marketing team. I do anything from ads to community building, so feel free to contact me at any time.

In my free time I like to practice kickboxing and beach volleyball, I also love cooking, and especially eating delicious foods from different cultures.


Hello there,

general K… oh damn, kind of a reflex by this point in time.
Hi :smiley: . I’m Jens, part of the team since last year and responsible for quite a few lines of code. I’m passionate about programming, acting, and pretty much everything in between. You might even find a minigame or two I build myself.


Hey there everyone :blush:

My name is Shamanth and I am an intern at kern working with the sales and marketing team. I am involved in giving new ideas, content creation, community building and marketing campaigns. My hobbies are exercising, hiking and exploring new places.


Hello people!

My name is Lina and I am a Front-end Developer at Kern. With my experience and skills in Angular, Typescript and Tailwind I love turning even the craziest mockup into reality and placing every element perfectly. At Kern I work on the software’s design, general front-end issues and constantly try to improve the code quality.

In my time off work, I like to clear my mind and connect with the nature on long hikes. Additionally, I love taking part in running events over various distances. Other than that, I like to broaden my skill set by learning Python and deepen my understanding of programming.

I am so happy that I joined Kern and I am looking forward to all the challenges!


New challenger approaching - Moritz

Hello Community!
My Name is Moritz and I am a working student @ doing developer relations. I will hang out in this discussion forum a lot, am looking forward to hear from you all about your experiences, difficulties and success stories :blush:

Background & Interests

I am studying Data Engineering in my Master’s right now and kind of specialize in Machine Learning, NLP and data-centric AI methods.
I am also really interested in AI-Art, exploring large language models and hacking together small ML Apps. So if you’re interested in any of those, feel free to reach out to me, maybe we can share experiences or even just opinions :wink:

Beyond the computer

I’ll keep it short: Biking, Beach Volleyball and hanging out. In future meetups I’ll make sure to bring a volleyball, so you can challenge the kern team :volleyball:


Hello everybody :wave:
I’m Felix, one of the developers at Kern. My topics are mainly AI related, but I think I touched at least a line of code in most of the services :face_with_monocle: I’m happy to help if you experience any problems or come up with any question!

Besides coding, I like to spend time with friends, while doing sports together or visiting the next bar or cafe :coffee:


Hi there :v:,
my name is Simon and I am a dev here at kern. In my bachelor’s studies in the field of business information systems, I first got to know about the importance of high-quality data for the future of successful companies. Now we are giving our best to enable our community to make great use of their data and I love to be a part of this journey. I also like to lift a lot of differently shaped weights :man_lifting_weights: and eat a lot of delicious foods :stuffed_flatbread:. For questions about the journey we are creating, the weights I lift or the food I eat reach out to me!


Hello everyone!

My name is Divyanshu. I am a data engineer and I got introduced to kern a few months ago, in March during a chat with Johannes. I am not someone working at kern (yet :slight_smile: ) but I have been briefed about it. I came to Germany in 2019 to pursue my masters in astrophysics, and I am in my final phase of the thesis. It has been a roller-coaster ride for me when it comes to figuring out my next step. My masters studies magnified the enthusiasm that I had regarding data in general, since astrophysics is a very data challenging field. There is so much more to learn on the way and I thank you all for letting me be a part of this community. I have worked for an e-commerce startup - on projects related to working with financial data, text data using NLP, scraping information from Amazon and building data pipelines.

In my free time, I like reading, researching on cool stuff in academia, or sometimes try myself out on the football pitch, swimming, or practicing guitar, or get drunk with some lads, the list is endless haha :joy: